Although quarantine is a necessary defense against COVID-19, side-effects of staying home include boredom, listlessness, and no way to eliminate excess energy. If your child has asthma, learn how to keep them active in quarantine.

The Importance of Staying in Quarantine

First of all, it must be understood that staying in quarantine is the best way to protect yourself, loved ones, and others. If your child has asthma, it is especially important that you protect them from bacteria that may cause their lungs to react in a life-threatening manner.

That said since the whole purpose of staying home is to protect your health, it makes no sense to let your health drop while staying home. Quarantine does not mean you and your child must sit around doing nothing. On the contrary, work to help your child improve their health by helping them stay active in quarantine.

How Does Staying Active Help Children with Asthma?

We must note here that some children suffer from exercise-induced asthma. If your child’s asthma is triggered by physical activity, you must be careful not to overwhelm them with exercise. However, some physical activity is still vital to their health. What are the benefits of staying active?

1. Strengthens Lungs

Unused lungs are weak lungs. Be careful not to over-exert your child, but some exercise in small amounts can actually increase their lung strength.

2. Boosts Immune System

A healthy immune system is important all the time, but especially during a global pandemic. Proper exercise improves health and wellbeing, making it easier to fight off viruses.

3. Elevates Confidence

Exercising provides a sense of accomplishment, which increases confidence, self-esteem, and overall morale.

4. Eliminates Fatigue

Isaac Newton’s first law applies to people as well as objects. A person in motion tends to stay in motion, while a person at rest tends to stay at rest. Keeping your child’s body moving will help them avoid listlessness and fatigue, instead of inspiring them to be productive.

5. Improves Overall Health

Regular physical activity improves your stamina, skin, bones, BMI, and overall mood.

brother and sister mopping floors at home

Ways to Stay Active in Quarantine

What can you do around your house to help your child stay active? We’re so glad you asked.

1. Spring Cleaning

Physical activity does not always have to be “working out.” Instead, help your child get active with spring cleaning or yard work. Dusting shelves, mopping floors, and pulling weeds is a great way for children with asthma to “get moving” without overdoing it. If you get the whole family involved and blast some music, a little bit of spring organization during quarantine can even be a fun experience.

2. Exercise Timers

Set timers throughout the day to stretch, jog in place, throw a ball for a few minutes, or perform planned exercises. Timers are a great schoolwork interruption, as they provide a chance for children with asthma to let out a little energy while improving health.

3. Stamina Training

Again, not all exercise has to be 30-minute cardio. Instead, try having your child walk slowly in place during a TV show or while reading a book. You can get the heart pumping without straining the lungs.

4. Family Games

Get the whole family together and play a game of freeze tag, catch, etc. to encourage physical activity without the dread of working out.

5. Outside Play

If you have a yard, send your child out to play daily. Remember, if you see neighbors out and about, maintain a 6-foot distance!
Depending on the severity of your child’s asthma, you can make adjustments as to how much and how often they exercise. Be sure to consult with your doctor regarding a healthy amount of activity for your child.


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