Living with asthma is no easy thing but modern technology can help you manage your condition. Asthma monitoring apps are a highly-beneficial, modern tool for managing and controlling asthma. They can help you perform breathing tests, store data, and collect information about your condition that could later aid your doctor.

Asthma Doctors Recommend Using Asthma Apps

Did you know that doctors actually recommend the use of asthma apps? If you wonder why it’s because certain apps will actually make your doctor’s job easier.

” Aluna was perfectly built with a telemedicine platform that has been pivotal in supporting my patients that aren’t within driving distance of my office. With Aluna, we can track symptoms, triggers, medications, lung function and composite scores to improve asthma outcomes. I even refer folks to their blog, because it has a wealth of information on their website, ready to support patients in a variety of different ways – not just with their device. Aluna has been a great addition to my practice. ” – Dr. Travis A Miller, MD, The Allergy Station, Roseville, CA

In addition to taking at-home tests, you can use an asthma app to log information such as symptoms, attacks, possible triggers, good lung days, and bad lung days. Your doctor can later use this data to determine common factors between attacks, the correlation between events and symptoms, etc.

A note to parents: asthma apps that are specifically designed for kids can be a fun way for them to learn about their condition. These kids’ apps use quizzes, games, and activities to educate children about asthma.

Monitoring Asthma Symptoms At Home

We’ve already mentioned this, but here’s what an asthma app does to help you monitor your asthma symptoms at home:

  • Keeps track of symptoms
  • Logs asthma attacks
  • Logs triggers
  • Stores data for future reference
  • Track FEV1% with the help of a portable spirometer

Amid COVID-19, there is an enormous demand for Aluna and better asthma management and we are pleased to announce that our mobile handheld device will be available for purchase on the Aluna website starting midnight April 15, 2020. The Aluna device and app are affordable, easy to use and accurate. “ – Charvi Shetty, Co-founder, Aluna


What is Aluna?

Aluna is an innovative, scientifically-accurate, and portable spirometer cleared by the FDA.

This device and management program is designed to help adults and children, 5 years and up, monitor their lung function and take control of their respiratory health.

Aluna automatically tracks your FEV1% over time. You can also monitor your symptoms, medication, exercise, and environmental factors.

With the Aluna app, you can easily share your lung health data with your healthcare professional.

Aluna is seeking to shed light on asthma and other lung diseases by providing accurate and reliable data for healthcare providers and patients.

Be sure to ask your healthcare professional about Aluna and how this device can benefit you.

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Aluna Portable Digital Spirometer

Use Aluna daily to track lung health. In addition to collecting FEV1 and PEF data, Aluna tracks symptoms, logs medication intake, and exports data directly to a doctor.

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