Many people with cystic fibrosis would love to have an option where they can check their lung function in the comfort of their own home. With an FEV1 monitor, this can become a reality.

How FEV1 Monitors Can Help Manage CF

When you have cystic fibrosis, managing lung function is essential. FEV1 monitors are a great addition to daily care. FEV1 stands for forced expiratory volume in one second. By forcefully breathing into the monitor, it records how much air you expelled in the first second. If you take this simple test daily, you will establish what your normal breathing score is. There are several reasons it is helpful for you to know this information.

Pulmonary Exacerbations

CF causes the lung function to decrease with time. As your lung function decreases, your respiratory symptoms increase. This is what is called pulmonary exacerbations (PEx).  An FEV1 monitor helps you to see when your lungs become more agitated due to PEx. When you notice changes in your FEV1 scores, this could signify an infection developing. Catching an infection early may prevent serious complications that might arise in someone with CF. Adding an FEV1 monitor to your daily care has shown to help identify PEx better than by using your personal care plan alone.

Better Management

Owning an FEV1 monitor gives you a tool to help with better CF management.

It provides a convenient addition to your daily care. By having this portable monitor, you can easily check your lung function in the privacy of your own home. This valuable information helps you to stay on top of how your lungs are functioning. If you’ve begun a new medication to help improve your lung function, this portable monitor helps you to see how well it is working for you.

By keeping close tabs on your daily lung function, you will have the ability to see when something is aggravating your lungs. This allows you to look at any recent lifestyle changes that have possibly affected these negative changes.

These regular readings help educate you on your normal lung function providing you with helpful information to share with your doctor. The readings help your doctor to know how well your daily care plan is working for you

Peace Of Mind

Anxiety can mount when you have cystic fibrosis. You may wonder if your lungs are functioning at their best or if an infection may be developing. When you use an FEV1 monitor, you can ease these anxieties. Daily monitoring helps you to easily see when something may not be quite right, or it may show that you are functioning normally. This information is invaluable when dealing with your CF.

Importance of At-Home FEV1 Monitoring

When you have cystic fibrosis, consistent monitoring is essential. Because of the nature of CF, you may see changes in your lung function very quickly. Whether these changes be good or bad, the FEV1 monitor provides this helpful information so you get the care you need.

1. Detecting Problems

By using your FEV1 monitor at home on a regular basis you can easily see when your readings are abnormal. These unusual readings could mean something is wrong. When you have CF, detecting a problem early helps stop serious complications and even hospital stays.

2. Detailed Information

Regular FEV1 readings are great information to log each day. This information gives your doctor a window into your daily lung function. These readings provide essential information for your doctor to make better decisions regarding your care.

3. Encouragement

Daily use of your FEV1 monitor definitely benefits your daily care plan, but it can also do something else. Regular readings give you a better understanding of your cystic fibrosis. Although CF provides challenges, you can take control of your CF with a better understanding of your body. This understanding provides you with the encouragement you need to continue a consistent care plan. The results are better disease management which leads to a fuller, longer life.

What is Aluna?

Aluna is an innovative, scientifically-accurate, and portable spirometer cleared by the FDA.

This device and management program is designed to help adults and children, 5 years and up, monitor their lung function and take control of their respiratory health.

Aluna automatically tracks your FEV1% over time. You can also monitor your symptoms, medication, exercise, and environmental factors.

With the Aluna app, you can easily share your lung health data with your healthcare professional.

Aluna is seeking to shed light on asthma and other lung diseases by providing accurate and reliable data for healthcare providers and patients.

Be sure to ask your healthcare professional about Aluna and how this device can benefit you.

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Aluna Portable Digital Spirometer

Use Aluna daily to track lung health. In addition to collecting FEV1 and PEF data, Aluna tracks symptoms, logs medication intake, and exports data directly to a doctor.

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