The Aluna spirometer is an effective tool for remote patient monitoring (RPM). There are many ways that you can use Aluna to better treat asthma patients. Aside from being a quality product, Aluna has an app that makes recording spirometry results fun for children and beneficial for physicians. Here are some ways you can use Aluna to better treat patients who have asthma. 

The Use Of Rescue Control

One of the primary ways that Aluna can better treat asthma patients is by giving both them and their healthcare providers more accurate and consistent health data. Aluna allows a patient to record their lung function and monitor it at home. 

Patients who have only recently been diagnosed with asthma or are unfamiliar with its severity may struggle to know when is an appropriate time to use their rescue medications like their rescue inhaler. Aluna offers accurate insight that patients can discuss with their healthcare provider to better determine when rescue medication should be used.

Monitor Your Patients

Another way that Aluna can help provide better care for your patients is by allowing you, as a healthcare professional, to better monitor your patients. COVID-19 drastically reduced the number of in-person visits, making it difficult to obtain regular and accurate information related to patient health. Aluna offers a great solution to this problem by allowing doctors to monitor their patient’s asthma without meeting in person.

Regular access to key information through the Aluna app allows healthcare professionals to catch changes in health and intervene early on. This access can improve patient outcomes as it allows for more frequent observation as opposed to traditional methods.

Increase Their Involvement

Another way that Aluna helps better treat asthma patients is by increasing their involvement in their health. Since Aluna and other RPM devices require patients to take a more active role in their health, it keeps them informed of their condition and lets them know if their numbers are worsening or improving. 

Learning more about their asthma helps patients grow in confidence that it can be managed and effectively treated. 

Aluna is a great way to treat and monitor asthma patients. Contact us today if you have any questions about how Aluna can help you and your healthcare practice.

What is Aluna?

Aluna is an innovative, scientifically-accurate, and portable spirometer cleared by the FDA.

This device and management program is designed to help adults and children, 5 years and up, monitor their lung function and take control of their respiratory health.

Aluna automatically tracks your FEV1% over time. You can also monitor your symptoms, medication, exercise, and environmental factors.

With the Aluna app, you can easily share your lung health data with your healthcare professional.

Aluna is seeking to shed light on asthma and other lung diseases by providing accurate and reliable data for healthcare providers and patients.

Be sure to ask your healthcare professional about Aluna and how this device can benefit you.

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Aluna Portable Digital Spirometer

Use Aluna daily to track lung health. In addition to collecting FEV1 and PEF data, Aluna tracks symptoms, logs medication intake, and exports data directly to a doctor.

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