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Aluna’s App Now Available for Android and iOS

Given the success of the Aluna iOs app, we’re thrilled to announce that anyone (regardless of OS loyalty) can now track their medication and symptoms. …

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Aluna’s Doctor Dashboard Simplifies Billing for Home-Based Care

Aluna is a portable, digital spirometry platform that measures a patients’ respiratory functions and gives a doctor remote access to their lung health data. Together, …

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The Complete Guide To Aluna And RPM Services

RPM, or remote patient monitoring, is a care management service that allows medical practices to treat more patients at greater distances. More and more healthcare …

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Using RPM To Increase Profit Margins In Healthcare

COVID-19 has had a serious impact on the medical industry. From clinics being shut down, to people being too scared to go to a healthcare …

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Patient Resources

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What is Exercise-Induced Asthma?

Whether your child suffers from allergic, nonallergic, or exercise-induced asthma, take preventative measures seriously. A preventative approach to asthma triggers helps your child avoid scary situations.

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