Doctors who are using Aluna to offer home-based care and monitoring their patients’ lung health can submit their charges to insurance companies using RPM codes for setup, treatment, and the time spent monitoring the data.

How It Works

Once you’ve prescribed the device for your patient, you will need to onboard them using the resources and tools provided by Aluna.  Then, the patient measures their lung health at home, reducing unnecessary in-office visitors. Aluna will monitor the patient for adherence and alert you of worsening lung scores through the dashboard. Physicians can submit charges to insurance by using Aluna’s time tracking tool and billing against CPT codes.

Set-Up and Onboarding of Patients

Onboarding typically takes 30 minutes and can be submitted using RPM Code 99453. Clinical staff can facilitate the set-up and educate the patient on the use of the equipment. This charge represents a one-time fee.

Device Supply and Data Transmission

A monthly charge for the Aluna device and the data transmission to the dashboard can be billed using RPM Code 99454. Data transmission doesn’t require any work or review from the provider. The data recording or transmission takes place daily but can be billed every 30 days.

Ongoing Monthly Treatment

Clinical staff, a doctor, or a qualified healthcare practitioner will spend 5-8 minutes per week viewing the patient’s data in the Aluna dashboard built for physicians. There, they can access and manage a patients’ data in an intuitive, easy-to-use portal. The dashboard allows insight into the patients’ respiratory health through the following features.

  • A holistic view of all your patients
  • You can filter patients by key attributes
  • Highlight and flag “at-risk” patients
  • Real-time health data sync
  • Easy and simple data export
  • Automatically sort billing activities
  • Automatically track time spent per patient

Submit the time spent collecting and interpreting the physiological data using RPM Code 99091 or 99457 depending on the number of minutes required. If you need additional time for interpretation and interactions with the patient, then you can use RPM Code 99458 in addition to 99457.

Aluna tracks the following patient data:

  • Flow-volume curve, FEV1%, FEV1, and PEFR
  • Environmental Factors
  • Medication Usage
  • Respiratory Symptoms
  • Exercise Activities

Chronic Care Management

In addition to the RPM codes listed above, physicians can submit additional charges for chronic care management. CCM codes can be billed concurrently with RPM codes but non-complex CCM and complex CCM codes cannot be billed concurrently.

CPT codes 99490 and 99491 cannot be billed in the same month.


How Medical Professionals Benefit from Aluna

With Aluna, you can gain real-time access to accurate data and reduce unnecessary in-office patient visits.  Since the dashboard automatically tracks and alerts you when any codes are eligible for billing, Aluna allows you to unlock seamless Telemedicine opportunities and realize revenue growth through CPT Codes.

Aluna is FDA-cleared for both over-the-counter and prescription use.

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What is Aluna?

Aluna Portable Digital Spirometer

Use Aluna daily to track lung health. In addition to collecting FEV1 and PEF data, Aluna tracks symptoms, logs medication intake, and exports data directly to a doctor.

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